After reviewing all the applications, we will select a new resident based on a number of factors, such as ability to pay, job stability, credit rating, etc.  At this point, we will determine the date in which the resident intends on moving in and draw up all the lease paperwork.  We will meet with the resident and have all the lease paperwork signed.  Then we’ll take possession of the security deposit money, which becomes a non-refundable deposit to hold the dwelling off the market until the move-in date.  On the move-in date, we will meet the new resident at the property and get the rent for the first month, and in exchange, give the resident the keys to the home.  We also complete a “Condition and Inventory Checklist” at this time to document the property’s condition.  We take digital photos of the property and its belongings, and complete a written checklist denoting the condition.  The new resident will be present during the walk-through/documentation process and will sign the checklist acknowledging the condition of the premises.  By completing this process, we have proof of the property’s condition and can easily make claim against the resident’s security deposit if there are damages at the time they vacate the premises.

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