Imperium will charge fees to applicants/residents for things such as rental applications, late rent, or insufficient funds.  We keep the fees we charge to help us offset costs incurred from normal business-related activities associated with your property.
Investing in residential real estate is a great way for you to plan for your retirement and build long-term wealth.  Unlike many other investment alternatives, owning real estate is labor intensive.  Managing property is a business.  Whether you’ve chosen to manage your own rentals or hire a professional, the ability to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of your holdings will be the determining factor as to the success or failure of your investments. 

How did you become involved in owning rental property?  Was it part of a long-term investment strategy?  Maybe as a result of recent economic conditions, you’ve become a landlord almost by accident.  In either case, Imperium can provide you with top-quality professional management that will give you piece of mind and free up your time to enjoy the more important things in life, like family or traveling.

We know that a successful management team can vastly improve the overall performance of your investment.  We’ve developed a system that we use on every single rental property that we own or manage that helps improve profitability, decrease vacancies, and reduce costs. 

Property Management
What is it going to cost to have my property professionally managed by Imperium Real Estate Services?  Unlike a lot of other companies, Imperium won't "fee" you to death.  Our simple cost structure is straight-forward and easy to understand.
Leasing Commission
Imperium charges 50% of the first month's rent as a leasing commission, which is based off of the first full month of rent (not a pro-rated month).  A leasing commission is only charged when placing a new tenant, not for lease renewals.  There is no leasing commission for assuming management responsibilities for a property that already has a tenant in place.
How Much Does It Cost??
Management Fee
Imperium charges 8% of the gross monthly rent as a management fee ($60/month minimum per unit).  We collect the 8% on all rental income, including pro-rated rent, except in months where a leasing commission is charged.
Resident/Applicant Fees
Miscellaneous Owner Fees
None.  There are no other hidden fees or charges such as lease-renewal fees or account setup fees that Imperium charges.
National Association of Residential Property Managers
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