We have one of the best maintenance and repair teams around and have the ability to complete almost any type of repair that we are confronted with, and fast.  Our team has decades worth of experience and has overseen countless residential projects from small home repairs to complete renovations.  We provide our residents with a 24-hour emergency phone number to quickly respond to real property emergency situations.  As an owner you can chose to have Imperium handle all of your property’s maintenance and repairs, from monthly mowing and landscaping, to the installation of new floor coverings, to painting and plumbing, drywall/texture, cleanouts, pretty much anything.  Most of the time, owners that choose to have Imperium handle all of the repair and maintenance requests save money, as well as time, its that simple.  You’ll sleep easy at night knowing you have experts looking out for your investment.

National Association of Residential Property Managers
Maintenance & Repairs
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(office) 727.565.4548 ~ (cell) 727.481.0570 ~ (fax) 727.499.6996
(email) ImperiumRealEstate@gmail.com